Jollibee Commercial Reaction! Date & Perfect Pairs - First Time Reaction - My heart can't take THIS!

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Today we have a new Jollibee Commercial Reaction video. This two kwentong are some of the most requested ones: Date and Perfect pairs!
I first made a Jollibee Reaction video a few months ago when they released their St-Valentines commercials and I was surprised by the quality of these ads (Nothing like the ones here in North America). Last week I filmed a reaction to Choice and Vow...and OMG... so many I decided to keep going and discover some new commercials.
I was lucky enough to caught Jollibee's attention and they featured my Reaction video on a Compilation of reactions that later on they shared on their YouTube Channel.
This time around, Date and Perfect Pairs were no exception. The quality of these ads were amazing, the product integration and also the storytelling was out of this world.

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00:00 Introduction
01:36 Jollibee Date Reaction
06:11 Jollibee Perfect pairs Reaction
11:25 Final Comments
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